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New Orleans Boutique Fashion Shopping Tips This Holiday Season! DOs and DON’Ts: What to Wear New Year’s Eve 2019

New Year’s Eve is one of the most fabulous nights out on the town. It’s a chance to dress up, show off your sense of style and ring in the new year. But as with any holiday event, there are a few guidelines (guidelines, not rules!) to follow.

Tip #1

DO: Wear a dress or blouse with sheer accents. You get the coverage you want with just a hint of sexy for a classy and fun look.

DON’T: Forget to mix textures. Leather paired with chiffon is the perfect way to add a little sass to your look!

Tip #2

DO: consider a dressy short romper. We consider this to be the (un)official uniform of NYE party-goers.

DON’T: try to wear too many trends at one time. Wearing sequins, leather, sheer, bold color, heels and patterns will give those around you sensory overload.

Plus: DON’T: forget the pantsuit. They are long on style and also give you more coverage if it’s cold outside.

Tip #3

DO: remember that you don’t have to wear your sky-high to get attention. A chic pencil skirt will have you party ready without showing too much skin.

DON’T: feel like you have to wear head-to-toe sequins. You can mix them with other fancy fabrics or even your favorite pair of jeans.

Tip #4

DO: take a pair of flat shoes if you start the party out in heels. After several hours, your feet may be screaming in pain. Changing to a flat will make sure you actually make it to midnight.

DON’T: forget about lace. Lace can be very edgy and sexy making it perfect for a party.

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