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We offer clothing designed from all the big designers from all around the world, and also featuring local designers is very important to Farrah Boutique. We work with local jewelry designers who can design your perfect statement piece and local fashion designers who will gladly work with you to meet your special needs. Customer service should be the keystone to any business, and we strive to provide a very personal experience. We’re here to guide you through the very difficult process of selecting the perfect pair of jeans or putting together that perfect outfit for a Nola evening.

Our passion for finding beautifully unique collections is as strong as ever.  We have always catered to our client who is searching for a personal sense of luxury.  Whether you visit our brick and mortar store in the CBD on Magazine, or our website, we know you will find the most impeccable collections with the highest quality of beauty and style.

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Please feel free to contact us, if you require any further information.